Top U.S. Cities for Carpooling

By Elizabeth Segarra/Data Hub 

May, 2016

Small Cities

If public transportation isn’t your preference, carpooling might be a good choice. There are many benefits to carpooling such as reducing pollution emissions and traffic congestion. You will also save money on gas and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. Having someone to talk to in the car is also another benefit. If you don’t have someone to carpool with already, check to find people in your area heading in the same direction. Also, find out if your business has set up service with

  1. Liberal, KS: Also one of our overall small cities with green transportation, Liberal comes in at No. 1 for carpooling. The average commute time in Liberal is 15.4 minutes, and almost 22% of residents carpool to work.
    2. Dumas, TX: Dumas is a small city in northern Texas. More than 21% of residents carpool to work and the average commute time is 19.4 minutes.
  2. Winnemucca, NV: Winnemucca is also on our lists for overall green cities and small cities with public transportation. More than 18% of residents carpool in Winnemucca.
  3. Craig, CO
  4. Guymon, OK