Business 2 Business

Business to BusinessThe Business 2 Business (B2B) Program puts your business in front of other businesses to help increase sales opportunities, identify new leads and other profit generating opportunities. The program funds periodic receptions where each business owner can mingle with each other in an environment that is safe and void of outside interruptions. It is an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the company of other like-minded folks, share ideas, complaints, solutions and opportunities.

One area that Dumas experiences a large amount of sales leakage involves the spending of dollars by local businesses outside of the community. What makes matters worse, is that many of these businesses have no idea those needed products or services are available just down the street! Oftentimes, business owners experienced issues that prevent them from using another local business, but those concerns were never raised to the affected business. Another benefit for the B2B program is the opportunity it provides us at the Dumas EDC to identify potential projects and announce potential opportunities. Open communication is a powerful economic development tool and this program is designed to help encourage more of it! Contact us today to make sure you receive the next invitation to this exclusive event.