Life’s Abundance CEO Shares DEDC Story

When they needed a more central location for their company, Texas seemed like the perfect spot. However, finding a place just anywhere in Texas wasn’t going to cut it. After Lester Thornhill, CEO of Life’s Abundance, did some research and when he thought getting closer to Oklahoma may be a better option, one of his co-workers mentioned getting an email from the EDC of Dumas, Texas. Lester looked at the location, called the number on the email, and the rest is history.

In this episode of Gone to Texas, Lester joins Dave Quinn to tell his story of expanding to Dumas, Texas, and why he calls Dumas the best city that he’s worked with.

He shares the story of how he had to change some of their processes that worked throughout the country, and how he’s built an incredible relationship with the Economic Development Center of Dumas.

Listen to “Episode 18, Lester Thornhill, CEO of Life’s Abundance” on Spreaker.