Business Growth & Development

The establishment of new business in the Dumas community is critical for our continued growth. Without successful new businesses in the community, we experience increased economic “leakage”, or the spending of money outside of our community. It is imperative that we increase the odds of success for our community to grow economically. The Dumas Business Growth & Development Program (BG&D) is designed to assist local start-up or expanding businesses succeed. Businesses can apply for this program through the Dumas Economic Development Corporation in order to seek assistance with business, marketing and financial planning. If approved, your business may be eligible for reduced rental of space at the Dumas Incubator and be eligible for the Business Growth & Development Grant. This program was developed to insure that new or expanding Dumas businesses have a better chance at succeeding that exceeds the current 90% national failure rate.

The BG&D program is comprised of a committee appointed by the Dumas EDC Board of Directors. Each committee member is a past or current local business owner with a heart to help others succeed. They oversee a budget that is used to fund program activities and small business grant funds. To be eligible for funding assistance, business owners and prospective owners must enroll in the Facilitation Program where they will receive confidential coaching by our Business Facilitator and Executive Director. The BG&D Program offers services such as:

  • Business Coaching and Facilitation
  • Business Planning
  • Small Business Grants
  • Research Services
  • Business 2 Business Networking
  • Leads & Opportunities Assistance
  • Training Scholarships
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Business Incubation

The BG&D Program has successfully helped numerous new businesses get a start, and several businesses with expansions. From equipment purchase help to signage and marketing funds, the program has provided a lift when all other avenues refused. Contact us today to get started!