Dumas EDC Committees

DumasCommitteeIncentive Committee: The Incentive Committee reviews all incentive applications and supporting documentation. They provide a recommendation to the Dumas EDC Board of Directors regarding all incentive requests.

Business Park Committee: This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors with regards to design, covenants, investments, improvements and strategies as they relate to the Dumas Business Park and Aviation Business Park.

Community Grant Committee: Comprised of various local residents, this committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors pertaining to our local Community Grant Program. The committee reviews all applications from the various non-profit entities requesting funds for their programs. All projects must demonstrate a quality of life component, economic impact, or workforce element and must demonstrate how the project will increase the attractiveness of the community at-large.

Dumas Business Growth & Development Committee: This committee is comprised of local business leaders and provides input and recommendations on assistance programs to local small businesses and start-ups. They are responsible for an annual budget as approved by the Dumas EDC Board of Directors and can provide grants, loans, training and facilitation to our existing and start-up businesses.