AgribusinessLocated within the nation’s leading agricultural region, Dumas, Texas is poised for agri-business growth and expansion. Because of the area’s soil composition and mild climate, Dumas and Moore County is rich in farming and livestock. Drawing water from the Ogallala Aquifer, advanced irrigation techniques allow farmers to grow diverse crops—ranging from wheat to cotton to sorghum. Though the commodities are used for traditional purposes like food, clothing, and animal feed, some are also used more innovatively for bio-fuels and pharmaceutical products. The agricultural production also provide business opportunities for support industries like seed & grain operations, cotton gins, fertilizer, feed, farming and irrigation supply companies. In fact, Dumas is home to some of the world’s leading seed and fertilizer operations. Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer and others call Dumas home. National distributors, such as Nelson-Jameson and ESCO have established hubs in Dumas to take advantage of our location opportunities.

Benefitting from the local crops and the mild climate, Dumas’ Moore County ranks seventh in the state in terms of beef production. Approximately 180,000 cattle are in ranches and feedlots throughout the county. Dairy cattle make up another substantial form of cattle in Moore County. The world’s largest dairy, Faria Dairy, is expected to reach over 35,000 head of dairy cattle. Because of the extensive beef and dairy production, beef processing and cheese plants are seeing success in the Dumas area.

JBS North America’s local beef processing plant boasts one of the world’s most advanced systems for processing and freezing beef products. The facility employs over 3,600 people and the Hilmar Cheese facility, located west of Dumas, provide a substantial amount of processed cheeses from the dairy cattle in the immediate area.

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