Leads & Opportunities

Seeking ways to better our community, better our businesses and better the Dumas EDC is a constant effort. Oftentimes, it is the continual networking we engage in daily that identifies an opportunity that will ultimately help our community. It may be a specific lead for a new project one of our businesses wants to bid on, a new business opportunity available in Dumas that a local person may want to invest in, or a business opportunity that the Dumas EDC wishes to make available to the community.

The Dumas EDC is actively working on behalf of our local businesses in search of opportunities that may help them increase revenue and jobs. We are typically found attending industry trade shows and other events that may put us in direct contact with people that are seeking what some of our local firms can provide. We strongly encourage our local businesses to keep us abreast of their capabilities, offerings, services and abilities so that we can better identify potential opportunities. In addition, the Dumas EDC enjoys inviting and/or sponsoring our local firms to attend trade shows, expos and conferences that we may be having a presence at. When we establish a booth at a show, we invite your firm to have marketing materials and banners available that we may take with us to hand out. Below are a list of industry events that the Dumas EDC considers attending each year:

World Ag ExpoMRO AmericasIAMCGreat American Trucking
SEMAProcess ExpoPermian Basin Oil & Gas ShowSolar Power
ICSC REConIFTCoreNetBIO International
WindpowerMD&MIPPE Food ProcessingRail Expo
PACK ExpoPROMATAeroConSupply Chain
NBAA AviationFabTechMODEX3PL Logistics
PlastecRenewable Energy WorldMid-America TruckingAmarillo Farm & Ranch

The Dumas EDC routinely identifies investment opportunities being requested by new and expanding businesses. We encourage folks that have a desire to invest in businesses, products and new ideas to contact us directly for more information. Because we never know which product idea or business will succeed, we try to do what we can to encourage them to locate in Dumas when and if they raise the capital needs. Putting ideas in contact with funding is a big part of that relationship process.

The following list is provided for those that have the ability and desire to learn more about the opportunity. The Dumas EDC is representing these respective opportunities under strict confidence and may request interested parties to sign a non-disclosure agreement on behalf of the firms using our services. Contact the Dumas EDC directly to obtain more information. No email requests for information will be answered. Check back to see our list of opportunities, as these may change over time:

  • A Texas firm is currently seeking investors for the development of an innovative harvesting unit that substantially reduces the costs for farmers and harvesters. They have built one prototype and are seeking funds to build a second unit to be located in Moore County.
  • A newly recruited firm is seeking investors to help fund the acquisition of components and transitional phase to locate operations in Dumas in order to provide an exclusive single-phase electric motor to the gas compression and irrigation industries. This product is the only electric motor capable of handling 100HP off of a single-phase electric line and this firm possesses the exclusive rights to the technology.
  • A foreign firm is seeking to partner with a local firm in order to begin assembling and selling their innovative renewable energy products in the United States. They have patents pending on the products.
  • A local Dumas firm is seeking investors to help fund the expansion of his business. His plan is to expand his successful fabrication business into a mobile business where he can provide his specific fabricated products on-site for those large firms requiring the products.
  • A local business is seeking investment funds to help establish a full-service daycare facility in Dumas. They have begun to raise funds through innovative measures and are seeking assistance to purchase property and renovate it to be compliant.
  • A national pizza company is seeking franchisers to open and operate one of their stores in Dumas.
  • An established local business is seeking interested people to consider purchasing their retail store operations.
  • An established industrial business is seeking interested parties to purchase their successful business.
  • A new prospective business is seeking an experienced grocery and/or food retail manager to assume General Manager duties for their operations by supplementing a salary with profit-based incentives.