The Dumas Economic Development Corporation (Dumas EDC) was formed in 1999 to serve as the lead economic development agency for the City of Dumas and its immediate area. The primary goal of the Dumas EDC is to promote planned & diversified growth & the creation of new jobs, while maintaining and enhancing the area’s quality of life. To accomplish this, the Dumas EDC is tasked with developing proactive initiatives in the retention and expansion of existing business, the recruitment of targeted business, the “economic gardening” of business through cooperation and assistance and in the end, the retention of our youth through job creation and advancement.

The Dumas EDC engages in various efforts and partnerships focusing on anything that will create a vibrant community and meet the needs of our local businesses. Dumas EDC offers an extensive list of programs and services that support the creation of new business, the expansion of existing businesses, and the attraction of new jobs. Identifying and developing emerging growth opportunities, and strengthening the competitiveness and innovation of our existing companies is an integral part of our mission.

Dumas EDC is supported by a Board of Directors that represents both private sector businesses and public sector partners. Our work to create a competitive environment that attracts new business and jobs is backed by a half-cent sales tax voted and approved by our supportive community. Dumas EDC is a responsible steward of the funds we receive and provide these dollars to programs and projects that will insure a beneficial return on investment for the community.