Instructions on the Use of Local Businesses

February 2017

Dumas EDC Community Grant Applicant:

Beginning 2012, the Community Grant Committee has recommended for each applying entity to insure that efforts are made to obtain the equipment/items from local businesses. Local businesses are those businesses within the Dumas City limits. The funds that are used to provide these generous grants come from the sales tax revenues collected by businesses within Dumas. Therefore, it is important that we encourage the use of local businesses for the purposes of the Community Grant Program as well as to further promote shopping locally.

In order to insure compliance, we are requesting that each entity purchasing products or services from Dumas businesses simply provide the copies of the invoices and/or receipts in accordance with terms of the program.

However, if the entity is unable to or unwilling to use local businesses for the purposes of their grant request, we are requesting the following information immediately:

  1. Identify any local businesses you have contacted & the contact person
  2. Explain why the local businesses could not help (or if no business exists in Dumas to provide the product or service)
  3. Describe why the product or service must be handled by an outside firm

The Committee has agreed to provide additional funds if the reason local businesses were not selected are due to pricing. If so, please indicate that in your responses to be considered. In addition, we encourage each entity to ask us for a listing of local businesses that may provide the required product or service if you are unsure. We will not recommend specific businesses but will help identify all that may be of assistance.

All businesses are required to accept tax exempt requests. If you find a business refusing to honor tax-exemptions, please let us know so that we can explain this to them. Contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your work in Dumas, it is extremely appreciated!





Mike Running
Executive Director