Dumas, Texas: An Economy Like No Other

Responsive, innovative, and aggressive describe the means at which Dumas, Texas has addressed business development over the last several years. Located a few miles north of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle, Dumas has garnered some noteworthy attention for their innovative and aggressive approach to business development. With a superb success rate, Dumas knows that the key to their continued growth is rapid and creative responses to the needs of private industry.

The Dumas Economic Development has created several industry specific incentive programs to create an attractive environment for both new and old businesses. Job creation and investment related programs provide various mechanisms to keep costs down for businesses wishing to expand or locate in the community. Nothing is too small or too large, and their success rate proves it. By thinking outside the box, Dumas has landed businesses that otherwise would have looked elsewhere. When Prime Building, Inc. indicated that they wanted a green field site off of U.S. 287, Dumas responded with a half mile of full utility extensions.

When Equipment Supply Company Inc. (ESCO) requested a new road, the Dumas EDC bought 100 additional acres of land in their business park to accommodate them. Nelson- Jameson Inc. indicated a need for a building size that could not be acquired in Dumas, so the Dumas EDC built one! When retail developers indicated a lack of available commercial space, the Dumas EDC incentivized commercial redevelopment projects and constructed 22 thousand feet of leasable space. The Dumas EDC has put money into a new business aviation hangar at the airport, a new 6,000 feet runway, new infrastructure in their 265-acre business park and helped expand the rail yard and trans-load facility. They have provided shovel ready land at no cost, built a new Technical Training and Workforce Skills Center so employers could receive customizable training, and even covered the first year lease for several new businesses! From paying for new signs and equipment, to granting land and buildings, the Dumas EDC will try anything to make Dumas more accommodating. The challenge now is to stay on top of all this new business interest!