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4/1/2011– Dumas, Texas Named Site Selection Magazine “Top100”Micropolitan DUMAS, TEXAS — Dumas, Texas was named a Top 100 Micropolitan city for economic development and corporate real estate projects by Site Selection Magazine in their March 2011 edition. Dumas tied for 74th out of 576 micropolitan areas. The U.S. Census Bureau defines a micropolitan area as a rural county whose largest city does not exceed a population of 50,000; Dumas has a population of nearly 15,000. The ranking is established among all U.S. micropolitan areas for total corporate real estate deals and projects for 2010 that meet the criteria for inclusion in the Conway New Plant Database. Dumas and Brenham, Texas were the only Texas communities that made this prestigious list for the year. This recognition is the second time in the last 5 months that Dumas has received national recognition for economic development activity. In November 2010, Dumas was selected as a Top 5 Community for Wind Energy Business by Expansion Solutions Magazine for its proactive measures and positive business climate for new wind energy related businesses.

“I am excited about this new attention our community is garnering” stated Mike Running, Executive Director of the Dumas Economic Development Corporation. Running adds“ It is a testimony to the positive interaction our community leaders and business leaders have in Dumas, and it just goes to show that when a community can work together as well as we do, good things happen. Dumas is a great place to do business and it continues to get even better.” If Running seems optimistic about the economic condition of his community, he has the facts to back it up. Dumas is one of the top communities in the state for growth and sales tax revenues. Already for the last 6 months, Dumas has recorded an increase in sales tax revenues of nearly 10% over the same time last year . Just in the last year, Dumas has seen the development of several new businesses that include a new Dialysis Center, CVS Pharmacy, family medical practice, expansion of the JBS Beef Processing plant, a new RV Resort, a new restaurant and most recently, a new distribution company, Equipment Supply, Inc. Just prior to that, Dumas welcomed three new wind businesses, three new hotels and four new national retailers. The traffic count continually increases through the city as more commercial traffic begin to utilize the Ports to Plains Trade Corridor between Mexico and Canada and the community seems to be making new improvements each day. Moore County Regional Airport has opened its new 6000 feet runway that accommodates small jet traffic, the community has a new Intermediate School, a new overpass is nearing completion, the city has opened a new Aquatic Park and the Dumas EDC is about to initiate construction of a new road and facility within the recently acquired addition of their 265 acre Business Park.

Running and the Dumas EDC have targeted several industries for the community that include distribution and logistics, aviation, agriculture related businesses , oil & natural gas related industries, retail, wind & renewable energyindustries.Having such a diverse industry mix will allow the communityto experience continued growth, explains Running.“The wind industry continues tobe where we feel the newest growth will come from, but our agriculture, oil and natural gas industries continue to grow as a key staple of our economy, ”adds Running. And banking on the wind industry is paying off for them. The Dumas EDC financially assisted the Amarillo College-Moore County Campus in order to develop a new Wind & Renewable Energy Technical Training Program that community leaders felt were needed to accommodate the industry. “This is a great way to help us curb the‘ brain drain’ that typically happens in smaller communities and helps insure we have trained workers for this expanding industry, explains Running. The effort in attracting wind energy businesses seems to be paying off. Dumas has attracted 3 wind related businesses and currently has three new businesses that have already committed to locating in Dumas in the coming year. Dumas is uniquely positioned for the industry by being located in the middle of some of the best wind, class 4+, in the world. In addition, two wind energy related transmission projects appear to be launched soon; the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) project and the Southwest Power Pool Project both surround the community. So, what is next for a community that seems to be on top of its game? Not sitting back and basking in the fortune, explains Running.“ We hope to begin construction on a new speculative commercial center in the Business Park that this summer that will help us locate new businesses to the community by providing low lease space in exchange for job creation” states Running. That optimism is already paying off for them as they have received commitment from a Wisconsin firm to take one of the 6 units of the facility before they have even initiated construction!

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