Dumas Economic Development Corporation (Dumas EDC) is proposing to install an approximate 30-mile, 345 kV electric transmission line to allow for the immediate development of over 200,000 acres of land within Moore County for wind energy projects totaling 1200 megawatts that could be transmitted into the ERCOT grid. These developments would provide an economic impact for Dumas, Moore County and the state of Texas estimated to be over $4.5 Billion over the next 10 years. The project is anticipated to create hundreds of new permanent, excellent paid jobs and numerous new businesses.

According to Mike Running, Executive Director of the Dumas EDC, the proposed project will help create additional savings to developers as well as a much more streamlined process. “Because developers essentially have to deal with multiple landowners regarding both development and transmission, we are proposing to create a single landowner group for development within Moore County as well as a single entity responsible for transmission connection. ”Running added that a substantial savings for developers would be seen as a viable lure with or without access to Production Tax Credits. “Our location provides wind generation returns as high as 55%. Combine this increase in profit generation with the decreased connection and land lease costs ;we believe that Moore County will be the top location for continued wind energy development. ”Running indicated additional incentives would be available to prospective developers that may include property tax abatement opportunities that could save millions. Asked why this project was considered, and with a slight grin, Running responded “Because it is a huge opportunity, and it’s time for the people of Dumas and Moore County to see a return on all the bad hair days!”

The elevation of Moore County is 3657 feet which ,Running states, improves the level & consistency of their wind speed. “To put this into perspective, the Nolan County, Texas area, where nearly 2000 megawatts of installed capacity is located, is at an elevation of 2169 feet. Wind in our area is producing 100% energy as much as 55% of the time, whereas Nolan County sites are showing 100% energy 35% of the time.” Currently, Dumas and Moore County is home to over 100 MW’s of installed capacity. Exelon
Energy has approximately 50 MW’s being transmitted to south Texas via Xcel/SPS distribution lines. Valero’s McKee Refinery currently has 33 GE turbines installed just outside their refinery to both supplement energy at the facility but to also reduce their carbon footprint. Adjacent to Moore County lies additional Exelon wind farms; the Wildorado Wind Ranch, the newly constructed Google invested Spinning Spur, the Pringle Wind Farm, Majestic Wind Ranch, Llano Estacado and Wege wind farms totaling over 1000 megawatts of installed capacity.

To set an appointment at Windpower 2013, contact Mike Running at 806-930-1724, or go to www.dumasedc.org. Dumas EDC is a Texas Sales Tax B entity charged and funded to encourage economic growth for the community of Dumas. Low and no lease locations are available, and the Dumas EDC can offer additional incentives and business assistance.