Wind Energy

Wind EnergyRated as one of the nation’s top wind energy locations, Dumas is the regional hub for harnessing wind and building the related support industries. In Dumas’ Moore County, class 4-plus winds offer some of the nation’s best opportunities for harnessing energy. These high-powered winds, coupled with multiple wind transmission and distribution projects, make Dumas an ideal location to capture the energy or provide related services. Building on the area’s logistical benefits, the community is motivated to recruit and develop wind-related companies, and local landowners are eager to make deals with developers. It’s no wonder Expansion Solutions magazine designated Dumas as one of the United States’ top five locations for wind energy in 2010. With large wind farms surrounding the

Dumas community, and new ones being installed, Dumas has attracted operation and maintenance firms, new wind component trans-loading firms and suppliers. A proposed transmission line, to be connected to the Competitive Renewable Energy Line just south of Dumas, will open up over 1200 megawatts of potential wind energy development.

As the Dumas area’s megawatts of wind energy continue to rise, opportunities for service and manufacturing companies also increase. That is one reason we have constructed speculative business locations in Dumas; to have an immediate low-lease location for your company to give Dumas a try!

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