Project Dialysis

The Dumas EDC partnered with the Moore County Hospital District (MCHD) to bring dialysis services to Moore County and surrounding communities.
AccessCare Dialysis, based out of Lubbock, Texas specializes in providing dialysis services to small rural communities. Dumas will be the largest town serviced to date. Initially, they will provide an eight station center (with expansion potential to 16 stations), the staff, services, equipment and medical direction of the program. Medical direction will be provided by the Amarillo Kidney Specialist Group.
Moore County Hospital District will provide and lease the facility to AccessCare, which will be located at 107 Binkley Avenue in Dumas. The building will be a custom designed modular facility specifically for AccessCare services. DEDC Board has approved a $100,000 incentive to offset the costs and expenses of the facility. Local contractors will be employed to perform site work. The building was constructed in 2010 and currently serves numerous patients in the surrounded area.
“Our community has requested dialysis services for many years,” said MCHD CEO Jeff Turner.“ Following a comprehensive study of dialysis needs in our community and the program proposal, the MCHD Board decided to go forward with AccessCare Dialysis. ”The nearest centers are in Hereford, Amarillo, and Pampa, in Texas, in Liberal, Kansas, and in Raton and Las Vegas, New Mexico. “Patients and their families experience an incredible amount of inconvenience and stress traveling such distances three times each and every week,” Turner added. “In our service area population of over 100,000 people, there is a minimum of 60 current patients who are receiving dialysis, and we believe AccessCare will of fer a very valuable service to them.”
“I’ve worked in other communities where patients were forced to drive hundreds of miles for dialysis. We are so fortunate to be in a location that is progressive enough to support these services,” DEDC Executive Director Mike Running said. “This is an awesome project that not only offers a valuable medical service; it also gives a community benefit that is an economic home run.
AccessCare President Jim Bullard said, “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Moore County Hospital District, Dumas Economic Development Corporation and all of the physicians and providers in Moore County and the surrounding communities. We think it is a wonderful opportunity once again to provide healthcare locally in a cost effective manner. We believe the patients who make themselves accessible to the dialysis services will benefit significantly. ” Bullard added, “We appreciate the MCHD Board and Jeff Turner for their unanimous support of the program and thank the DEDC for their significant input.”
New patients may be referred to the treatment center by their primary physician. Patients who are currently receiving dialysis may request their records be transferred to the new facility. Bullard explained,“Between the time we are Medicare surveyed until the time we open, we will be hosting open houses and other events to familiarize patients and their families with the new facility and answering any questions they may have.”