In an effort to encourage new retail chain development in Dumas, The Dumas EDC embarked on an extensive recruitment and awareness campaign. Beginning in 2009 at the ICSC Dealmaking Event in San Antonio, we have had discussions with Sears pertaining to the possible locating of a Sears Store in Dumas. In May of 2011, we scheduled a site visit and put together a package demonstrating the retail sales potential for Dumas. In July, we visited with an existing Sears Hometown Store operator from Brownfield, Texas, Donald Richins. Mr. Richins had indicated some interest in a store for Dumas, but had not committed. Discussions ensued regarding a future retail development being considered by a local business person; however the timeline did not meet up with the timeline of Sears. We put Mr. Richins and Mr. Carter in contact with an existing building owner. We discussed the i mportance of Sears considering a location at the new retail development and Mr. Richins indicated that he too would prefer that location. But because of his timeline, he felt he needed to find a temporary location immediately.
We combined efforts with a new retail center being considered in Dumas with the new Sears store. After the new retail mall is complete, Mr. Richins indicated he plans to consider moving the Sears store to the new retail site. The Dumas EDC initiated the Chapter 380 Program in Dumas to help provide incentives to retail stores that would attract new retail dollars to the community and could demonstrate an increase in sales dollars coming from outside the community. The program provides a rebate of sales taxes collected by the city of Dumas to the business upon receipt of records identifying the annual sales. In addition, because the business is anticipated to provide a ten year economic impact on the community in excess of $15 million, the Dumas EDC provided a cash incentive to help cover the costs of building improvements and FFE.